Submit your nominations for the TWIM Awards 2012

It’s coming up to that time of year again. Every year we hold an online contest to recognise the very best in mental health blogging.

This year we’re doing things slightly differently. Previously it was a straight public vote. This year we’re doing it in two stages. The first stage is a public nominations round, same as last year. We’d like you to tell us your favourite blogs in the comments thread (you can nominate up to four blogs in each category; you must nominate at least two blogs overall for your nominations to count). In two categories, this public vote will decide the winner. Of the remaining categories, the three with the most nominations will go through to a judging panel. Pandora will be introducing our judges to you in the next few days. The winners will be announced on New Year’s Day 2013.

The categories that will be decided by a straight public vote are:

Best New Blog

Most Sadly Missed

The categories that the public will nominate on, and then go through to the judging panel are:

Mood Disorder blog

Psychosis blog

Eating Disorder blog

Personality Disorder blog

Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog
(Roughly correlates to F40-48 of the ICD-10: includes anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder)

Autistic Spectrum Disorder blog

Psychiatry, Psychology or Psychotherapy blog

Nursing, Social Work or Professions Allied to Medicine blog

Student or Academic blog

Blogger Not Otherwise Specified
(A miscellaneous category for blogs that don’t fit easily into one of the other categories)

In addition to this, once the winners have been picked from the category, the judges will be asked to cast a single vote for one of the remaining blogs. The winner in this vote will be given the Wildcard Award.

You have until Friday 30th November to submit nominations in the comments thread, so get commenting. And now, it only remains for me to state…


1. The first stage of selection will be a public vote where readers are invited to submit their favourite blogs. The three blogs with the most nominations in each category will go through to the judging panel.

2. The judges will then cast a single vote for their favourite blogs in each category. In the event of a tie, one of the adjudicators (Zarathustra or Pandora) will submit a deciding vote.

3. After the judges have finished voting, they will each be invited to submit a “wildcard” vote for one of the blogs that didn’t win. The blog with the most votes in this round will receive the Wildcard Award.

4. The public can submit their nominations by leaving them in a comment to the blog post announcing nominations (ie. this). Each individual can nominate up to four blogs per category, in as many categories as they like. However, they must submit at least two blogs overall for nomination.

5. NO SPAMMING/MANIPULATING THE NOMINATIONS! Suspicious nomination patterns may result in a blog being disqualified from the awards. In the event of any suspicious nomination patterns, the decision of the adjudicators will be final.

6. Two categories: “Best New Blog” and “Most Sadly Missed blog” are decided by the public vote alone, and will not go through to the judging panel.

7. Judges and adjudicators are ineligible to vote in the public nominations. Also, blogs run by a judge or adjudicator are ineligible for the awards.

8. You cannot nominate your own blog.

9. To be eligible for a TWIM Award, a blog must have been updated within the last 3 months. The only exception to this is in the “Sadly Missed” category, which must have ceased blogging within the past year (and either not have posted in the last three months, or clearly stated that the blog will be no longer updated). To be eligible for the Best New Blog award, the blog must have started within the past year.

10. Blogs that are marked private are not eligible, because they are inaccessible to our judges. However, blogs that have been recently privatised can be considered for the “Most Missed” category, on the same basis as retired blogs (ie. privatised within the last year).

11. Blogs primarily intended to promote a commercial product or an organisation are not eligible for the TWIM Awards.

Let the fun begin….


About Phil Dore

Trained as a nurse, currently working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). All views expressed are in a personal capacity and not necessarily the views of my employer.

175 Responses to “Submit your nominations for the TWIM Awards 2012”

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    Go forth and vote!

  2. Just to throw a spanner in the works, if we’re allowed to suggest judges, I’d like to nominate Mark Brown from One in Four mag 🙂

    • He’s already in 🙂 I’ll be introducing him and the six others over the next few days.

      • Marvellous! Not sure whether it’s a case of great minds thinking alike or all fools wearing the same hat … except I’m a tad possessive about my hat, so hands off — must be great minds! 😀

  3. Where should I put a carer’s blog? In the miscellaneous section or under the category of the person that they are caring for?

    • Good question. Carers is one category I felt awkward about leaving out, but for space reasons we had to make some tough decisions.

      I’d say submit them under miscellaneous for now. If we get lots of nominations for carer blogs we might be able to look at rejigging the categories slightly.

  4. katesdepression 12 November 2012 at 4:22pm

    ” Also, blogs run by a judge or adjudicator are ineligible for the awards.”

    Hi Zarathustra/Pan, does this meanwe can’t vote for Serial Insomniac (“most missed”) and or The Big Society (“nursing/social work/etc”) since you wrote/write them??

    There is plenty of others I lurk on- just will miss those- so will vote in due course :o) Sounds like you have a good plan, looking forward to “meeting” the judges!

    Best wishes

    • That’s correct. Serial Insomniac and Not So Big Society are ineligible for the TWIM Awards.

      A bit gutting for me and Pan, but we felt we needed to remain impartial. 😉

      • katesdepression 13 November 2012 at 3:17pm

        Oh that is a shame, but I do understand, still I’m very find of both just so you know ;o)

        I’ll have my nominations in soon- good luck everyone

        Best wishes

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    It’s that time of the year again – the TWIM Awards 2012 with extra added twist.

  7. Mood Disorder blog

    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog

    Psychiatry, Psychology or Psychotherapy blog

    Nursing, Social Work or Professions Allied to Medicine blog

    Student or Academic blog

    Cartoon blog

    Blogger Not Otherwise Specified

  8. katesdepression 13 November 2012 at 6:28pm

    Ok, in completely random order my lurker nominations:

    Professions allied

    Academic (is this right category or should it be above?)
    [One blog moved as per nominator’s request]



    Therapy/Psychology/Psychiatry (is it ok to vote for this in two categories- IIRC it was ok last year)


    Misellaneous (not sure on this category??)


    Missed [not eligible due to date of blog closure]


    [Removed as per blog author’s request]


    A couple of queries- 1) can things like pinterest feeds be included and 2) what about vlogs? Sorry to keep going on folks!!

    Good luck everyone!! :o)

    Best wishes

    • Thanks for your nominations! I think Mental Health Cop will have to go in the Blogger Not Otherwise Specified category, as the police aren’t technically a professiona allied to medicine.

      I hadn’t considered Pinterest or vlogs (need to have a think about that) but I may have something up my sleeve regarding a separate-but-related contest for Twitter accounts. Watch this space.

    • If I may, in my opinion, the correct category for my blog (Sisyphus Bound) is either Mood Disorder or NOS (since I write at least as much related to my personality disorder as my mood disorder, and since there is no Personality Disorder category this year). I’m comfortable either way. Doubt that helps much, actually. Sorry. What do the organizers say?

      • Holey moley, I missed out the personality disorder category! Oops, that wasn’t intentional.

        I’ve now edited the categories to add Personality Disorders. Which category do you want to be in Jeffrey?

        We need to keep the number of categories roughly the same so we don’t overwhelm the judges. Unfortunately that means I feel I have to delete the cartoon blogs category, but nominations for cartoon blogs will still be counted in Blogger NOS.

        • It’s a hard decision. I’ve posted about equal in each category over the past year. I’ve a longer history in mood disorders, but a stronger political identification with personality disorders right now. So, Personality Disorders? Yeah.

    • Hi Kate

      Thanks so much for the nominations 🙂 Unfortunately we can’t include Manic Sleep Teacher though as the author ceased blogging in October 2011 and we’ve stipulated that to qualify for the ‘Most Missed’ category the blog must have ended within the last year.

      I’m really sorry but as you can appreciate we have to draw boundaries somewhere, otherwise we could theoretically have the same defunct blogs recurring year after year!

      Really hope this is not too disappointing hun :-/ But thanks again for voting.

      Z and I will have a chat about vlogs and Pinterest and related services 🙂

      Take care

      Pan xxx

  9. Oooh… (random as not sure it’s allied healthcare)
    and (academic blog I think!)

    Love them both, and can’t nominate you 🙂

    • Thank you very much 😀 I’m pretty sure The Small Places goes under ‘Academic’, yes. As for Mental Health Cop, we’re going to put him in ‘NOS’ as policing isn’t strictly medicine-allied. Thanks again 🙂

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    Go on…you know you want to nominate some of the fab people out there!

  11. Here are my nominations:

    Best New: [Removed as per author’s request]

    Most Sadly Missed: Moose Lips Sink Ships

    Mood Disorder: all the avenues are ugly for sean’s beautifully visceral writing

    Psychosis: (1) A Path with Heart for the Were Horse’s powerful narrative of struggle and self-advocacy

    (2) But You Don’t Look Jewish! for Eliana’s compelling reflections of a rich and complicated inner and outer life.

    Personality Disorder: The Quiet Borderline

    Anxiety: (1) Living with Bipolar and DID and (2) Chaos and Control

    Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Aspergers & the Alien

    Psychiatry, Psychology or Psychotherapy: (1) What a Shrink Thinks for Martha Crawford’s wonderful weaving of the personal and the clinical, the intellectual and the emotional

    (2) Providentia for Romeo Vitelli’s wide-ranging exploration of psychiatric and psychological subjects

    Nursing, Social Work or Professions Allied to Medicine: A Psychiatric Nurse’s Blog

    NOS: Mental Spaghetti

  12. Personality Disorder blog-

    Autistic Spectrum Disorder blog-

  13. Nominations a la LittleFeet:

    New Blog

    Believer’s Brain

    Mood Disorder

    My Crazy Bipolar Life

    Behind The Facade


    A Path With Heart

    Eating Disorder

    Giant Fossilized Armadillo

    Personality Disorder

    Blood and Guts in Blogland

    The Quiet Borderline

    Anxiety, Stress and Trauma

    Conversations with my head

    Mental Political Parent (I’m not sure whether this is eligible because it’s in lockdown at the moment.)

    Nursing/social work etc

    The Masked AMHP

    Not Otherwise Specified

    Julies Mum

    • Great, LF, thank you 😀 Re: Mental Political Parent, unless it’s unprotected before the deadline of 30th November inclusive, we won’t be able to include it because it’s unlikely the judges will have access to it 😦

      What we could do with privatised blogs – as long as they’re recently privatised, that is – is include them in ‘Most Missed’ on the grounds that they were in the public domain but are no longer, distinct from but similar to recently closed sites. As occasionally ex-bloggers resurface, if a private blog becomes public again later, it feels comparable.

      Just a thought. If people are agreeable to that, I’ll amend the post to that effect.


    • Thank you for nominating me! You’re a sweetheart!

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    Submit your nominations for the TWIM Awards 2012

    It’s coming up to that time of year again. Every year we hold an online contest to recognise the very best in mental health blogging…..

  15. Best New Blog

    Mood Disorder blog
    My bipolar life:

    Psychosis blog (I put MCBL here because I resonate most with the posts re psychosis)

    Personality Disorder blog
    Through my eyes:

    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog

    Psychiatry, Psychology or Psychotherapy blog

    Blogger Not Otherwise Specified

    Good luck to all the nominees!

    • Thanks Trish 🙂 Hopefully MCBL will drop in to vote and we’ll see what category she’d prefer to be in – if not, I’ll give her a shout a wee bit later in the month.

      Take care

      P x

  16. Social work – the masked Amhp

    • Hi Daisy, thanks for the vote. Are there any other blogs you like? Unfortunately we can only count them if there are a minimum of two nominations. Really sorry about that, but thanks in advance!



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    Make sure to submit your votes! I doubt I’ll be up due to the lack of posting about BPD lately and my ‘recovery’ but I’m sure you all read plenty of other great blogs that deserve a nomination! 🙂

  18. Most Sadly Missed Blog: Mental Political Parent, Purple Noise

    Best trauma blog: Conversations with my head

    Best mood disorder blog: My Crazy Bipolar Life

    Best eating disorder blog: Giant Fossilized Armadillo

    Best personality disorder blog: Our Real Discoveries Come from Chaos (Simone’s blog!)

    There are probably loads more but my brain is being slow ;P

  19. Opps, um, I forgot to put the links and now can’t edit my previous comment…

  20. Best Social Work/ Professional – The Masked AMHP
    Psychosis – Path with a Heart
    Mood disorder- Behind the facade.


  21. We’d like to nominate some folk that suffer with did as nominees.


    infinitycastles public blog

    pen, paper, and crazy

    crazy in the coconut


    being elle

  22. Also

    for a did partner of a did person


    Sadly missed
    I was a foster kid

    • Thanks Carol Anne 😀 Re: Loving Someone With DID, I’m going to say it’s considered under ‘NOS’. In your previous comment there are four DID blogs which is the maximum for any one category, but also I think this roughly correlates with what would have been a carer’s blog previously. I hope that’s OK 🙂

      Thanks for your nominations hun! Much appreciated.


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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  24. I only have one to nominate so far:

  25. katesdepression 16 November 2012 at 12:17pm

    Hi guys, I hope I’m not being awkward here but I have followed links to some of the other nominations and found I really like some of them- is it ok for me to submit further votes? I know I cant in “trauma” but I haven’t “used” all four in the other cats.


    Best wishes

    • Yes of course, Kate (and Trish). As long as you stick to the four-maximum per category rule, you can come back and nominate other blogs all you like up until the end of the month (that is, midnight GMT on Friday 30th November) 🙂 x

  26. Yes, I am in the same position as Kate in that I started to read A Path With Heart ( and really, really like it. I would like to nominate it for the Psychosis category if I may.

    (An amazing blog about coping with and trying to overcome depression, trauma, and PTSD)

    About this blog:

    Daisies and Bruises is both sides of life, the pleasure and the pain. It is merging passion with patience and finding hope in the face of hell. Daisies and Bruises is creating the life you need to survive.

    This blog is the product of a 26-year-old named Erin finding her way one step and one word at a time. After losing most of her youth to severe depression, she decided that since death was no longer an option, she had to find a way to live. This is it.

    This blog is for her to tell her story, but it’s also for you. If she can find her way then you can too.

    • Hi Diana

      Thanks very much for the nomination. If you have at least one more blog to nominate, we can include it – unfortunately we can only put forward the nominations if there are a minimum of two blogs suggested. There are reasons for this – it wasn’t an arbitrary decision on our parts. I’m sorry for any inconvenience, but really hope there’s another blog out there that you like well enough to nominate 🙂



    • One we’ve got a second nomination from you, I’ll include this one in the mood disorder category (as the author refers to the blog as being about depression). However, if you or the author feel it would fit better in a different category (e.g. anxiety, stress and trauma) then let us know. 🙂

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    For those that may not of seen this already..go make you nominations!

  29. meandmymentalhealth 16 November 2012 at 8:23pm

    I’d like to nominate: for psychosis, for CPTSD for Blogger Not Otherwise Specified for Most Sadly Missed

    Thanks, Lorna x

  30. reflectionsonlifethusfar 16 November 2012 at 9:49pm

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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  31. I don’t know what categories to put these into, hope it doesn’t matter that I’m not sure!
    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog:
    Personality Disorder blog:
    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog:
    Personality Disorder blog:
    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog: [Link removed as per author’s request]
    Personality Disorder blog:

  32. I’m just wondering what to do if we wind up with a tie in the nominations for any categories.

    Since in the event of a tie on the judging panel, one of the adjudicators (i.e me or Pandora) will cast a deciding vote, shall we also make that the rule for any ties in the nominations round?

    • I’d reckoned that if any resultant ties were between two/three people, we’d just send them (the two plus the next most popular, or all three obtaining an equal vote – whatever the casse, three go forward) to the panel. Does that still sound OK? But you’re right; it may come to more than that, depending on the particular nominations.

      I’m happy to have either one of us act as an adjudicator in such a scenario, but as ever if anyone has anything any thoughts on this issue, we’d welcome them 🙂

  33. Personality Disorder blog

    The author shows that severe PD is no bar to professional ‘success’ although consequent behavioural issues may lead to a complete inability to access the British legal system.

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    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  35. Eating
    Otherwise not
    All amazing bloggers!

    • Thanks for your nominations! I’m going to transfer Crazy in the Coconut to the ‘Trauma’ category rather than the PD one though as I know Bourbon blogs about DID. You’re allowed up to four nominations in each category so it won’t jeopardise your other vote in that category. Hope that’s OK 🙂 Thanks again!



  36. Anxiety, stress, or trauma – Crazy in the Coconut

    I want to nominate How do you eat an elephant? but Im not sure what category to put her in. Same for Hello sailor I dont know if she would go in Personality Disorder, or anxiety, stress or trauma?

    For eating disorder – Thee truth is
    and snippets and glimpses

    Personality Disorder – Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars

    • Good question – having had a brief glance, neither of them neatly ‘fit’. You could argue that qualifies them for ‘NOS’, but based on their own broad descriptions, I’d say How Fo You Eat an Elephant? goes into ‘Mood Disorder’ (the author identifies ‘depression’ as being their main experience) and Hello Sailor as being ‘Trauma’, given that she refers to PTSD/DID.

      All that said, if you or either author fed another category is more appropriate, that’s fine – just let us know!

      Thanks for your nominations! Much appreciated 🙂



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    Get voting 🙂

  38. I’d like to nominate Purple Noise and Mental Political parent for most sadly missed.

  39. I’d also like to nominate Void and Diary of a Benefit Scrounger for NOS category:

    This is because welfare, notions of disability and political thought are directly pertinent to mental health. The personal is the political, and mental health is never more political an issue than now given the dismantling of the welfare state, workfare, cuts to services, housing policy. The political denial of disability, human rights, support and income are massively impacting on people, and blogs such as these are immensely useful to mental health service users, I respectfully ask these blogs be considered for this category even though they are not about someone’s daily/weekly/ongoing experience of mental distress because what they offer is often more relevant than the mental health charities and user/survivor organizations in providing political analysis, information and direct challenge. These are the people who will help lead the fight back

    • Thanks for these.

      I was wondering which category to put these two blogs in, as from their writing either of them could fit into more than one.

      For the time being I’ll accept your nomination for Sailor Carrie under Anxiety, Stress and Trauma and MMStores under Personality Disorders, but if you or the authors feel they’d fit better into a different category, please let us know. 🙂

  40. Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog

    See my reasoning here:

    • Hi Mel, thanks for the nomination and sorry that we’ve taken so long to get it online – it went into spam at first! Anyway, for a few reasons we need at least two nominations per person for them to be included so if you can let us know which other blog(s) you enjoy that would be great. Thanks!



  41. From Twitter, @RecoveryGuru has nominated the following in Nursing, Social Work and Professions Allied to Medicine

  42. Psychosis blog:
    Crazy Mermaid:
    A Path With Heart:
    The Rainy Day Dairies:

    Eating Disorder blog
    Falling Short of Perfection:

    Personality Disorder blog:
    Healing from BPD:

    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog
    Crazy In the Coconut:
    Between the Minds: The Beehive:
    Chaos and Control:

    Nursing, Social Work or Professions Allied to Medicine blog
    The Masked AMHP:

    Student or Academic blog

    Blogger Not Otherwise Specified
    Julie’s Mum:

    That’s it for now, if I think of more later I may comment again. There’s too many blogs that have disappeared for the Most Sadly Missed category, I don’t think I’d be able to list them all.

  43. Personality Disorder
    Student http//
    Professional http//

    Be back later, just busy listening to podcasts… category next year?

  44. I’d like to nominate:
    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma

    Chaos and Control –

    Eating Disorder
    Giant Fossilized Armadillo
    A New Name – (Which the Christians among us may like)

    Julie’s Mum –

    Mental Political Parent
    and also But you don’t look Jewish but I’m rubbish at figuring out categories!

    • Thanks! Above, Jeffrey nominated But You Don’t Look Jewish! under the ‘Psychosis’ category, so we’ll include it there for now. However, if Eliana has a preference for another category, that’s obviously fine 🙂

  45. Ok here goes 🙂

    Most Sadly Missed –

    Eating Disorder Blog –

    Personality Disorder Blog –

    Personality Disorder Blog –

    Blogger Not Otherwise Specified –

    Thanks 😀

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    Don’t forget to nominate the blogs you like…and it gives you chance to come across some extra reading 🙂

  47. Not been reading many blogs recently for many reasons so not many nominations

    Most Missed – Mental Political Parent

    Mood Disorder –

    • Thanks Null 🙂 Noted. Totally understand that you don’t read as widely now as you used to, but glad you could put in a few nominations anyway 🙂

  48. This is hard not only because I like a lot of people, but because most of the people I know fit into at least a few of these categories! And what if I put someone is the wrong category? I guess I’ll take my chances! Here goes…








    • Thanks Mandi! Don’t worry if the categories don’t fit perfectly; if the authors see this we do allow them to choose the category they feel most comfortable with. If they don’t see it they can always be contacted to check 🙂

      Thanks again!



      • Thanks! A few totally fit into the personality disorder category better but I was trying to get in more than 4… 🙂

  49. If it’s not too late I would like to nominate Crazy in the Coconut for best stress related blog. Oh and the Masked AMHP for the social worky type category.

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    Please take a moment to check out all the categories and give some love to your fellow bloggers. There are so many excellent mental health blogs out there to choose from and recognize.

  51. I would like to nominate:
    and a1000shadesofhurt
    Not sure which specific categories under mental health they go under, but they are both awesome. Thanks.

  52. Sorry I’m late with the nominations – I don’t think there are many I can add to this fine list (seeing as it’s nominations rather than voting!)

    Apart from adding for allied professions

    Social Work Career Development

    But I think all the ones I usually read and would nominate have already been nominated!

    I’ll try and think of more over the next week!

    • Hi Ermintrude

      It’s actually the people with the most nominations who go through to the shortlist, so even if they’ve been nominated before it’s worth nominating again to make sure your favourites go through.

  53. Hello :o)

    First lot of nominations!

    For the Blogger NOS Category –

    Julie’s Mum

    Boys and Anorexia

    Also Laura’s Soap Box, which I suppose should go here as she isn’t herself a sufferer but really fits better in Eating Disorders!

    Will be back with more in due course!

    • Thanks OCY 🙂 I think we should probably put Laura’s blog in the ED category because that’s her main area of discussion, but if she thinks she’s more suited to the NOS category, that’s fine 🙂

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    I just discovered this amazing project that honors and promotes blogs that focus on and raise awareness of Mental Health Issues. There are several blogs that come to mind for several categories:
    Cate’s blog, Infinite Sadness or Hope, about living with Borderline Personality Disorder, amongst other things, falls into both the Best New Blog and Personality Disorders Categories. I have learned much, expanded my horizons, and received much encouragement and inspiration through reading the words of this brave and determined woman.

    Black Box Warnings,, established and hosted by Eric Robillard, social media genius and creator of Le Clown On Fire,, is also a dual category entry: Best New Blog and Other. Black Box Warnings was born of his family’s dealings with an ADHD diagnosis and subsequent medical issues and concerns with judicially mandated medication. It has grown into a beautiful and inspiring community of bloggers who contribute their experience, strength and hope in living with and moving through things like post-partum depression, eating disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and a cornucopia of mental health issues and concerns.

    There are others I intend to nominate, as well. I have ten more days to do so. I will likely do a full post with all of my nominations as soon as I can get to an actual computer instead of doing it all via mobile phone finger pecking on a tiny touch screen.

  55. Good morning, everyone:

    I’d like to make the following nominations.

    “Conversations with my Head” ( for Best Anxiety, Stress or Trauma; “The Last Psychiatrist” ( for Best Psychiatry; “Mind Hacks” ( for Best Psychology/Best Therapy.

    I’ll probably come back with more before the end of the month. Like a few other people, I’m checking out some of the links left here.

    Robert =]

    [This is the third time I’ve tried to post this–my WordPress login doesn’t appear to be working–so apologies if the editors are inundated with comment spam from me!]

    • Only one comment received – with thanks! Nominations noted.

      I thought you were dead…I haven’t seen you about for aaaages! I’ll email you 🙂

      Thanks x

  56. Just two, I’m afraid.

    Most Sadly Missed – Blooming Lotus (

    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog – Conversations with my Head (

    • Faith Allen has stopped blogging? After checking, yes; I see that she has =[

      In that case, please count her as “Most Sadly Missed”. I really enjoyed–that’s not the correct term, but I hope people understand what I mean–her wonderful analyses of child / ritual abuse. A very brave lady. I shall miss her.

      Robert =]

  57. Here are my votes, whilst I am no longer blogging, I am alive and do still read some of your blogs!

    Most Sadly Missed

    The Urban Worrier

    (Blog been locked down since February, still concerned about the writer who was a friend I exchanged emails with, heard nothing from them since February)

    Personality Disorder Blog

    The Quiet Borderline

    Blog and Guts in Blogland

    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma Blog

    Don’t Call Me Sybil

    Chaos and Control

    Nursing, Social Work or Professions Allied to Medicine Blog

    The Masked AMHP

    Student or Academic Blog

    Pavlov’s Couch

    Blogger Not Otherwise Specified

    Therapy Tales

    Julie’s Mum

    A Carer’s Eyes

    Good luck to everyone nominated.

    (formally “frizzychaos”)

  58. Back to add some more blogs 🙂 I hope I can add a few for this category

    These are for the Nursing/Social Work and Professions Allied to Medicine

    The Masked AMHP

    ClaireOT’s blog

    PD2OT blog

    Student or Academic Blog

    The Small Places

    Martin Webber’s Blog – Musings of a Social Work Academic

    OID’s blog

    Most Missed

    Stuart Sorensen’s blog

    I’m sure I’ll be back again!

  59. Just a thought… I’m guessing that falls into the ‘ blogs run by a judge or adjudicator are ineligible for the awards.’ category? 😀

  60. Hi there,

    4 blogs to nominate at present:

    Best New Blog
    More Hackney – Hackney’s new mental health newsletter – Twitter: MoreHackney – only going for a month but looking interesting already

    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog
    Female PTSD – a blog about rape and PTSD – Twitter: FemalePTSD – a long and difficult journey

    Student or Academic blog
    Musings of a Social Work Academic – blog by Martin Webbe – interesting academic updates

    Blogger Not Otherwise Specified
    A Better NHS – blog by GP Dr Jonathon Tomlinson – Twitter: mellojonny – lots of mental health content (because it gets into so much of what GPs and the NHS do)

    Maybe some moer on the way!

  61. Some last-minute nominations from me!

    Best New Blog

    Most Sadly Missed

    Eating Disorder blog

    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog

    Psychiatry, Psychology or Psychotherapy blog (could alternatively go under NOS, as suggested by Z for cartoon blogs)

    Blogger Not Otherwise Specified (if it’s OK to nominate new blogs under other categories too? I remember it was last year, but can’t see anything about it this time. Also, I’ve chosen NOS because the author writes about mental health in general and Christianity, although she herself has bipolar)

  62. My nominations!

    Most Sadly Missed – I don’t know if these will count as one is privatised and one is deleted but if they do count I’d like to nominate both mentalpoliticalparent and Purple Noise.

    Mood Disorder blog –

    Eating Disorder blog –

    Personality Disorder blog –

    Anxiety, Stress or Trauma blog –

    I will try and pop back with some more before voting closes!


  63. katesdepression 28 November 2012 at 6:36pm

    Ok some more votes from me…not all but most of these are ones I found through this very thread, either due to nominations or links back to someone’s blog- so thanks all!!

    Was really sad to see is quitting blogging so I would like to nominate both her and (thanks Ally for reminding me of this one, I really liked the authors posts on mentalization therapy…hope she is ok) for “most sadly missed” please :o( (adding two here as one of my previous two isn’t eligible- hope that is ok)

    In psychosis:

    Social work etc


    I see Ermintrude has put World of Oid here, can I move my nomination for it in NOS to here please?

    Also and (not sure of this category??)

    Eating disorder a great name!!)

    Mood disorder (love this name too!! :o)

    Autism (thanks for this one Simone) (jeffreylbabbitt’s great suggestion)

    New (thanks mentalhealthtalk!! Love that this discusses something which rarely comes up)

    I’m pretty sure I’m still within the 4 nominations each ok- that’s why i haven’t picked any more in ‘Trauma’ even though I’d love too- but let me know if not. Thanks for all your work Pan and Z!! :o)

    • You’re welcome Kate. Veva is doing a guest post for me this coming Sunday if you want to drop by… yeah… I love that she discusses something that isn’t often talked about. She has been such a pleasure to work with.

    • Thanks for these, Kate. One issue: since your vote for World of Oid has been moved to ‘Academic’, you now have five votes in that category. Could you please email me and let me know which four you want to keep please? Cheers 🙂 x

      • Just a note, Kate emailed me asking to move Mind Hacks to the Psychiatry/Psychology etc category, so her four votes under ‘Academic/Student’ should all now be valid. I’m inclined to think Psychiatry is the best category for MH anyway, but do let me know if there’s any issues with this 🙂

  64. I’d like to nominate:

    Most sadly missed
    Stuart Sorensen’s blog –

    Mood disorder blog
    Bipolar Bear –

    Eating disorder blog
    Voice in Recovery –
    Men get Eating Disorders too –

    Autistic Spectrum Disorder blog
    Linda Mad Hatter –

    Psychiatry, psychology or psychotherapy blog
    1 boring old man –
    Neuroskeptic –
    Critical psychiatry –

    Nursing, social work or professions allied to medicine blogs
    Nurse with glasses –

    Student or academic blog
    Somatosphere –
    Ruminations on Madness –

    Blogger NOS
    Diary of a Benefit Scrounger –
    Mental Health Cop –
    A Better NHS –
    Pharmagossip –

  65. My reading has been virtually non existent for quite a while, but the blogs I have nominated are ones that I try and keep up on. There are many more excellent blogs out there and if you have the ways to blog about what you are going through then you are winner to me.

    Mood Disorder

    My Crazy Bipolar Life
    All The Avenues Look Ugly
    Purple Persuasion


    Julies Mum
    Diary Of A Benfit Scrounger


    Therapy Tales

    Good luck to all.

  66. Thank you to John Alchin for reminding me about I love this man fighting American Big pharma oh thats psychiatry and so is for psychiatry.
    Psychotherpy Karyn Hall @mindfulnow also blogs for psychcentral. I love the fact she coined the phrase Emotionally Sensitive People for those of us with the fantastically named BPD.
    Oh and I miss Stuart Sorensen.
    Ermintrude2 I think she does social work
    also Clare OT shes an OT. so that category is professional methinks : )
    That is all.

    • Unfortunately we can’t include Ermintrude as she co-edits The Not So Big Society, which Zarathustra also co-edits – as he’s a co-editor here too, it’s sadly ineligible 😦 But as for the other nominations – great! Thank you 🙂

  67. “last minute” votes from me

    Serial Insmniac
    Blooming Lotus
    Urban Worrier
    For most sadly missed

    Don’t read many blogs these days but all avenues are ugly for psychosis and mind hacks for psychiatry. many thanks

  68. …And…it’s now the 1st December so…it’s closed.

    No more nominations(/comments) I’m afraid! But…

    Sincere thanks to each and every one of you that took the time to nominate your favoutire blogs for the awards; we really appreciate it, as I’m sure do our panel of judges. Further, congratulations to all of the nominees, regardless of whether they pass through to the judging stage or not. The fact that people care enough to recognise your blogs here proves that your writing is important and wide-reaching. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that people talk and write about mental health in what is fast becoming a mainstream form of media; truly, folks, it matters. From all of you. Keep on doing what you’re doing, ladies and gents – we salute you 🙂

    Announcements on the ‘Best New Blog’ and ‘Most Sadly Missed Blog’ categories will be up on the blog in the next few days. Everything else will be announced on New Year’s Day, when we reveal the judges’ decisions… 🙂

    Best wishes



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