This site to merge with News and Views of the Mentally Wealthy

Thanks for all your feedback about how this site should continue now that Pandora has departed due to reasons of impending Mummyhood. I’ve been giving a lot of thought about how to give the content of the site a sustainable future.

TWOM started off as a repository for the This Week in Mentalists roundups, in which every weekend a different blogger tells us about their favourite mental health writing. Although Pandora and I made various attempts to expand beyond that into a broader magazine format, I’m not sure we ever really got that off the ground. Most of what is done here tends to be the TWIMs. Some people have given feedback that they like the fact that the organising of the TWIMs was done by one person who’s a mental health professional, and one who’s an expert by lived experience. That dynamic seemed to be something that is worth preserving.

So, after some discussion, this site will be merging with Dawn Willis’ site Sharing the News and Views of the Mentally Wealthy, which was nominated for a Mind Media Award in 2011. From the beginning of October, all future TWIMs will be hosted there. It’s usually polite to bring a present when you come to stay with someone, so I’ve tied up a new domain name in a pretty bow and wrapping paper. The new domain is MentallyWealthy.Org.

That means that the TWIM for this coming weekend will be the last one hosted here. Speaking of which, I need a volunteer to do it. Any offers to be that landmark TWIMmer?

Once the moving-in is complete, there’ll be announcements to come on the This Week in Mentalists Awards 2013, which recognises good mental health blogging. There’ll be some radical changes to the award categories this year, in response to your feedback. I’m also strongly leaning towards the idea of including a vlogging category for the first time.

Also, the #Twentalhealthawards, which was trialled last year to salute mental health tweeting, will run for a second time.

Times they are a-changing, but hopefully in a good way.





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Trained as a nurse, currently working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). All views expressed are in a personal capacity and not necessarily the views of my employer.

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  1. Great idea

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