How is the use of social media in mental health evolving?


Now that the excitement of the TWIM Awards shortlisting is over (for now, come back on 21st December for the final results) it’s time for me to pen a few thoughts on the use of social media in mental health. A lot of this is linked to my own personal journey in this area, both in terms of where I’ve come from and where I want to take things.

The Past

It’s just over ten years ago that I first started blogging in August 2003. Initially I was just writing personal thoughts on Livejournal, which was both a blogging platform and a proto-social network. Back then blogging was something of a niche activity, but various health professionals had already started using it. Early adopters included the likes of Random Acts of Reality, NHS Blog Doctor, Dr Rant and Nee Naw. They often had rather, shall we say, excitable comment…

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About Phil Dore

Trained as a nurse, currently working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). All views expressed are in a personal capacity and not necessarily the views of my employer.

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