This Week in Mentalists – Final Edition


This Week in Mentalists is a series that’s been going for several years now, hosted on various blogs. It’s now time for it to come to an end. As I described a few days ago, this is for a few reasons. The round-ups have been declining in popularity for a while now. The various changes of websites probably didn’t help, and it’s something that accelerated when Pandora had to depart from being co-editor due to an unexpected pregnancy. Ultimately though, the main reason is that the way people talk to each other on social media has evolved.

Previously the main focus of conversation was on blogs. People still use blogs, probably more so than ever in fact, but the conversations are more complex and multi-platform, using not just blogs but also Twitter, Facebook, Storify etc. If the conversations have a focus, then it’s mostly on Twitter rather than on…

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