RIP @mybipolarlife aka the award-winning blogger My Crazy Bipolar Life

I was very sad to hear from two different sources that the author of the My Crazy Bipolar Life blog – also known as @mybipolarlife on Twitter – has passed away.

I did not know MCBL well – in fact I never met her or even learned her true name, as she blogged anonymously. However, last month I had the honour of announcing her blog as joint winner in the Lived Experience category of the This Week in Mentalists awards 2013.


As part of the awards process, I’d asked the judges to give feedback on the nominated blogs. They said of My Crazy Bipolar Life,

“A refreshing read of such a frank, open and honest account of life with mental illness. As a first time reader it grabbed my attention.”

“A very open, honest and detailed blog detailing the author’s experiences of bipolar. An enlightening read.”

“A frank and compelling narrative about life with Bipolar Disorder- Full of Spirit and Personality.”

It would appear from her Twitter account that she appreciated the award and the feedback.



Just before Christmas, MCBL marked the fourth anniversary of her blog. She spoke of her experiences of the mental health system (both good and bad) as well as her hopes both for the short and medium term. Tragically, those hopes will not be realised. I do not know the circumstances of her passing, and I am sure that any speculation on my part would be neither helpful nor appropriate.

The mental health blogosphere thanks My Crazy Bipolar Life for her contribution to online literature, and offers our deepest condolences to her friends and family.



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5 Responses to “RIP @mybipolarlife aka the award-winning blogger My Crazy Bipolar Life”

  1. So incredibly sad to hear this. I never had the privilege of meeting her personally, but we were quite close online. She was a genuinely lovely person and her death is a tragedy. I’m sure they’ll never read this, but I wish her family peace. As I do her.

  2. I’m really sad to hear that she’s passed away 😦 That’s the second person in the madosphere this week- Amy (tinyO_oratty on twitter and blogs at has also passed away. RIP both of you xx

  3. even not knowing her, she was part of what we do. she was brave enough to speak up about her struggles – anonymously she was another loud voice that was screaming back at these diseases. this is so sad. i hope she has found her peace.

  4. I’m deeply sad and can’t believe she’s gone. Her voice was heard around the world and I know many have been inspired by her ability to relate, in a honest and sometimes gut-wrenching way, the struggles of a person with mental illness. She will be sorely missed and I will never forget her. RIP, dear girl.

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