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This Week in Mentalists – The Endless Earworm Edition

Hello.  I’m bourach from Conversations with my Head coming to a computer near you with some interesting stories of mentalism. Be aware of any incoherence as I’ve just woken up from a rather pleasing nap on my sofa. This week Werehorse has had some into what is going on in her life: So today, after […]

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Hi everyone As of today, the URL for this blog is As I stated previously, the old address will work for the meantime, but I thought it would be worth updating you all anyway 🙂 Z and I are now contactable via this domain. If you need something, email editors (((at)) theworldofmentalists (((dot)) com […]

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Hi everyone It’s been a while now since the site’s name changed from This Week in Mentalists to The World of Mentalists, and as such I thought it was time that we sorted out a domain name to reflect that. Although will continue to work for the foreseeable future (and of course we’ll let you know if that […]

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The Zen of Applying for Disability: A Canadian Perspective

“You won’t be able to work.” Admit it; you weren’t as happy as you thought you would be to hear those words.  You had pictured it differently. You were supposed to be hearing those words—or something like them–from the representative on the other side of the counter of your local lottery centre. Instead you are […]

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20 Commandments for Mental Health Workers

One of the suggestions from yesterday’s discussion was to increase the variety of content. On that note I’m reposting this fantastic ’20 Commandments for Mental Health Workers’ for discussion here. Originally published here by Magreeth H. Re-posted by permission of the author. Thou shalt respect your client and not judge; Thou shalt increase the well-being, […]

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That is not dead which can eternal lie….

Back in March of this year, the Mental Nurse blog, which I was editing at the time, closed its doors. The immediate reason was fairly mundane. I’d accidentally borked up the auto-renew on the domain name, and before I could resolve it a cyber-squatter swiped the domain. As it happens though, there were other issues […]

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Fighting Monsters: A Tribute

I’m now making one of my periodical forays out of retirement to pay homage to another blogger who retired this week. As some of you may have noticed, Fighting Monsters has departed the cyberblogowebosphere. Back when I was editing Mental Nurse, I felt a strong kinship with Fighting Monsters. Both of us were writing from […]

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