Advice on Mental Health Issues

Although some mental health professionals do write for and read This Week in Mentalists, the site cannot offer psychiatric nor psychological advice.

If you are in mental distress, it is imperative that you see your GP as soon as possible. He or she can refer you to a psychiatrist and/or therapist or, if appropriate, prescribe medication. If you are already seeing a mental health professional, any relapse or increase in symptoms should be reported to that person as soon as possible.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis such as an acute psychotic episode or strong suicidal thinking, you should contact your GP, out-of-hours doctor or the emergency services straight away. At the very least, have a look at this page and/or contact a crisis hotline or email service. Please see this page for a list of international hotlines and crisis support email groups.


Commenting is one of the things that has always made TWIM so popular and entertaining, and we’d be delighted if everything from the sublime to the ridiculous can join us in our new home here πŸ™‚

All we ask is that you don’t spam posts/pages or make inappropriate comments. ‘Inappropriate comments’ is, in this instance, defined as anything that (a) is a personal attack on anyone, including but not limited to TWIM writers, featured blog authors or anyone else mentioned on the site*; (b) includes links to pornography, ad-sites, viruses, malware, yadda yadda; and/or (c) reveals any personally identifying information, or otherwise invades privacy, regardless of whether individuals use pseudonyms or not**.

* Please note that this says personal attacks. So yeah, if – for example – a politician or other public figure makes what you consider to be an offensive comment (and said remark is relevant to the intended content and audience of this blog), you may (at your sole discretion) wish to respond appropriately. However, gratuitous or excessive name-calling or an emphasis on private lives, personal characteristics, irrelevant remarks etc (as opposed a specific analysis of, and/or reply to, the offensive material) is not permitted.

** If someone openly writes under their real name, assuming that person’s permission, it should be fine to refer to them by that name – but you can’t give out their email address, phone number, Facebook details, that kind of thing. Obvious but important!

Debate is most welcome in comment threads, and we’re willing to accept criticism if it’s constructive. But things must be kept civil and respectful at all times.

Copyright Issues

This could seem convoluted for a project like this, as several blogs with several authors feature in any one TWIM post. Basically, a post published here is, as a whole, owned by the person that wrote it, but obviously the entries quoted and linked to therein remain the property of their original writers.

If you have been linked to either in a TWIM post/page or on our Blogroll (right-hand side) and would like your link/quotation to be removed, please send us an email ( this week in mentalists [all one word ] at [remove this] gmail dot com ) and we’ll remove it for you straight-away.

Triggers / Offensive Material

Please be aware that, given the nature of mental health blogging, there may be posts and links on this blog that could ‘trigger’, disturb or otherwise upset readers. You may also find adult material featured, such as swearing or sexual references. Most of the time (where applicable), our authors do include trigger warnings in their posts, but we cannot guarantee this and can take no responsibility for any harm or offence incurred as a result of reading TWIM and/or sites to which it links. This notice serves as a trigger warning for the entire site.


Although This Week in Mentalists works hard to highlight writing across the Madosphere, our digests are intended to be for informational and supportive (plus, in some cases, entertainment) purposes only; to that end, we take absolutely no responsibility for the content of third party websites/blogs. Any opinions expressed by our authors are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of TWIM as a whole. Those leaving comments and links on this site are solely responsible for these contributions and, again, TWIM is not liable nor responsible for these in any way.

In brief: opinions expressed are solely the responsibility of the person(s) who expressed them, and do not necessarily reflect the views, attitudes or values of anyone else, here or elsewhere.


Yeah, we know, we know. We have to do these boring house-keepy things, even though they’re about as fun as being hit by a train. Now give yourself a break by going back to the blog and reading something that’s actually vaguely interesting! πŸ˜‰


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