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Q&As with Mark Brown 4: The Big Society

Continuing my series of discussions with One in Four editor Mark Brown. Zarathustra: You’ve tweeted quite a bit about the Big Society. Do you think it’s just an empty novelty or does it have substance? Mark: The facebook relationship status between me and Big Society would have to say ‘It’s complicated’.  When it was launched and floated […]

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This Week In Mentalists – The I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Edition

Hey everyone, my name is Kate and I will be bringing you this weeks TWIM – I’m totally new to any form of blogging and I am very nervous so please bear with me, I’m sure I’ll make loads of mistakes but I will try my hardest!!  Thanks to the awards thread here I have […]

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That is not dead which can eternal lie….

Back in March of this year, the Mental Nurse blog, which I was editing at the time, closed its doors. The immediate reason was fairly mundane. I’d accidentally borked up the auto-renew on the domain name, and before I could resolve it a cyber-squatter swiped the domain. As it happens though, there were other issues […]

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