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Patients, Professionals and Social Media – Where are the boundaries?

I was taking part in a nursing debate on Twitter yesterday evening, and the subject came around to boundaries, and nurses who had sexual relationships with their patients or their relatives. I was actually quite shocked when two students (one a student nurse, the other on an access course for social work) who took the […]

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UKCP fails to sanction therapist despite admitting destroying notes

A couple of weeks ago I published the apparent mishandling of a Fitness to Practice inquiry by the UK Council for Psychotherapy. The UKCP took over three years to find proven seven allegations against John Smalley, a Jungian analyst from the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists. These allegations related to smoking during therapy, making derogatory […]

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20 Commandments for Mental Health Workers

One of the suggestions from yesterday’s discussion was to increase the variety of content. On that note I’m reposting this fantastic ’20 Commandments for Mental Health Workers’ for discussion here. Originally published here by Magreeth H. Re-posted by permission of the author. Thou shalt respect your client and not judge; Thou shalt increase the well-being, […]

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